What can you do with the Python Programming Language

As a beginner python developer or learner, I know you’re probably wondering what you can do with the python programming language. Trust me I’ve been in that shoe before when I just started with learning python. I was so curious as I wanted to know the list of things that I can possibly do with the language.

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Well, there are a lot of things that you can do with python ranging from automating your day-to-day tasks like filling out online forms, checking thousands of excel spreadsheets to creating an Artificial Intelligence to make predictions about your stocks or whether you have diabetes or not.

Let’s get started and I will tell you a list of what you can do with the python programming language.

  • Automation
  • Creating an AI to predict stocks
  • Making a 2D Game
  • Building an eCommerce website
  • Creating a desktop application

The things you can do with python are not limited to these lists as there is still more you can do. Now let’s take this one by one.


Automating with Python has been one of the most used uses of the language. The list of things you can automate with python is enormous; You can sign up and fill up online forms without being present typing on that website. This can be done with the popular python selenium packages. Also, you can scrape a website to find more information about a product or services like the Amazon website.

Creating an AI to predict stocks

If you are the business type, you can create an AI model that will be able to predict stocks for you. Whether it will go up or come down, you will get to know and this can tremendously boost your business stocks in a great deal. You can do so with Python’s popular framework like Scikit Learn or TensorFlow.

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Making a 2D Game

Games can be fun and exciting to play especially 2D games. And you can also achieve this euphoria of pleasure by creating your games with python. You can use various Python libraries like Pygame, Kivy, Panda3d.

Building an eCommerce website

Building a website is fun. You can either build it for a prospective client or as your own a personal project. You may as well want to build your own personal eCommerce website where you can reach out to your customers, improve your brand, and sell products that they like to them. You can achieve this with python using either the popular Django or Flask framework for web development.

Creating a desktop application

If you want to build a user interface for your desktop applications, python is definitely available for use with its frameworks for developing applications for your benefits and they are entirely free.

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Now you have all the possible things you can do with the popular Python programming language. Know also that learning requires practice and also you should try out a lot of projects.

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