Ubisoft Offers Free Games for you to Stay at Home.

Following the recent outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus, there have been many lockdowns of countries in the world with the newly popular phrase “STAYATHOME“; Ubisoft has now contributed its own share at making people stay at home by making free some of their games as well as giving up to one-month free trial.

We also know we are not the only ones adapting to spending a lot more time at home. We have put together a month-long series of offers, trials, and discounts to help everyone who is following health authorities’ guidance by staying at home. Whether you need a way to keep active, socialize with friends at a distance, or just stay entertained, we want to help.


To kick things off, Rayman Legends is available free on PC. From March 31 – April 3, download it free on UPLAY and it’s yours to keep. Join Rayman, Globox and the Teensies in a platforming adventure through mythical, painted worlds. Run, jump, and fight your way through more than 80 levels to take on the Magician and save the world from darkness.

We believe Ubisoft free game will surely help with the new policy of staying at some as most of their games are great to play and you will surely get fun from playing them. Also if you are a developer, you can also make use of your time at home by practicing your coding knowledge. Check out these 6 websites for practicing programming practice.

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