Python GUI Libraries in 2020

As a python programmer, you should know the top 5 python’s GUI libraries in 2020 to aid you in working with programming the language. You would want to write programs that would require a GUI so the need to be familiar with them.

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What is a GUI?

graphical user interface is a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicators such as primary notation, instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation. GUIs were introduced in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of command-line interfaces (CLIs), which require commands to be typed on a computer keyboard.

Top 5 Python GUI Frameworks for 2020

GUI Frameworks can be easily available and most of them are free and open source. Python has a diverse range of options for GUI frameworks. From Cross-Platform frameworks to Platform-Specific frameworks, Python wiki lists them all.

  • Kivy
  • PyQT
  • Tkinter
  • PySide
  • WxPython
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  • Kivy

Kivy is a free and open-source python library. It is used for developing mobile apps and other multitouch application software with a natural user interface. It is distributed under the terms of the MIT License and can run on Android, iOS, GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows. Wikipedia.

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  • PyQT

PyQT is one of the favored cross-platform Python bindings implementing the Qt library for the Qt (owned by Nokia) application development framework. Currently, PyQT is available for Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Sharp Zaurus. It combines the best of Python and Qt and it up to the programmer to decide whether to create a program by coding or using Qt Designer to create visual dialogs.

It is available in both, commercial as well as GPL license. Although some features may not be available in the free version, if your application is open source, then you can use it under the free license.

  • Tkinter

Tkinter is a Python binding to the Tk GUI toolkit. It is the standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit and is Python’s de-facto standard GUI. Tkinter is included with standard Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X installs of Python. The name Tkinter comes from the Tk interface.

  • PySide

PySide is an open-source software project providing Python bindings for the Qt framework. Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework, allowing the developers to write applications once and deploy them across many operating systems without rewriting the source code, while Python is a modern, dynamic programming language with a vivid developer. community.

Combining the power of Qt and Python, PySide provides the wealth of Qt framework for developers writing software in Python and presents a first-class rapid application development platform available on all major operating systems.

  • WxPython

WxPython is a blending of the WxWidgets (formerly WxWindows) class library for C++ and Python. It can be found at and it has its own wiki there:

ShowMeDo has a collection of introductory wxPython videos.

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In conclusion, having good knowledge of any of these Python GUI Libraries in 2020 is great. As you will be able to build great applications with the framework. If you are just beginning with learning python, you can check out our roadmap to learn python in 2020.

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