You’ve probably reached a stage where you have face difficulty learning how to code. This has happened to most professionals out there including me a beginner. So today, I am going to write out some tips for you to make use of to make your programming learning journey easier. Here we go;


  • You can do it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and answer them.
  • Google is your friend.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Be consistent and stay focused.
  • Exercise your brain(Do programming exercise)

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You can do it

Probably one of the most common beginner’s mistake is thinking they can’t do it; It is hard and so on. This is most common when they are stuck with something they couldn’t understand in their desired language of choice. I remember when I was learning Python, all had been fairly easy to understand for me, but not until I encountered OOP (Object Oriented Programming), I was so disturbed that I quitted for months, come back, relearn the stuff I have learned before and then finally learning OOP. The basis of all this is that, don’t think you can’t do something, thinking like that is an automatic failure in the first place.

Don’t be Afraid to ask Questions and Answer them.

“If you want the answer—ask the question.”

Lorii Myers

Asking questions helps you to find answers to issues you will face when learning to code. Go up to sites like Stack Overflow, ask questions about issues you are facing in the course of your learning journey. Trust me, you will definitely find answers to your questions if you ask the right way. If you’re confident in your ability as a programmer, find questions you can solve on that platform too, and be of help to others. Check out our on python one of the most popular language on Stack Overflow.

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Google is your Friend

Google, created initially to serve as just a project by two students, is now the most popular search engine in the world. You can literarily find anything related to Computing and Programming there with just searching with the right keyword. Most beginners are not making use of this powerful tool. You can even copy errors you get from terminals, paste it on Google, and voila, you will see an answer for the issue you’re facing.

Don’t Procastinate

As for me, it is one of the greatest challenges I am facing now in my life (am sad about it). It has not always been like this but started when I start watching movies, films, and short clips from YouTube. You shouldn’t fall into this as it is now a major problem for me when I am learning new things in programming. There are solutions but what’s most important is to be conscious of yourself and whether what you’re doing at a particular instance in time is what you should be doing.

Be Consistent and stay Focused

When you just start programming, you will reach a stage of frustration where you’re not as motivated to do it as when you just started. What you should do is try to be consistent with learning it. Pick it up every day and do at least 30 minutes of a distraction-free session, and you will surely be back in shape again.

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Exercise your brain(Do programming exercise)

Exercising your brain by doing tedious programming exercise will go a long way in helping you become a better programmer. There are plenty of sites you can go to and do exercises. Below is an article on the list of those sites.

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We’ve reached the end of this article, now it is most essential for you to put all this tips into use and become a better programmer. You should check out this article on the recent Deno framework built by the creator of NodeJS to replace it.

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